Stuart Hirshfield

Stephan Harper Kirner Professor of Computer Science
Ferry Building
Phone: 315-859-4136
Fax: 315-859-4687

Office Hours: see my schedule

I came here for the weather. As if! Actually, I came here because the great weather wasn't enough to keep me in Arizona, where I was growing increasingly frustrated trying to teach intimate seminars of 400 students at a pop. I was an undergraduate at the Univeristy of Michigan, got my graduate degrees in CS from Syracuse University, and had previously worked in industry (at Xerox Research), and taught at RIT (in Rochester, NY), and Arizona State University. I knew Hamilton would be a great place for me - and it has been.

When I arrived at Hamilton in 1982 I was the sole computer scientist in the Mathematics Deparment, which eventually became the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and today is two separate departments, . . . you get the picture. I served as the Chair of the department from its inception until 2003, when my dear friend and colleague, Rick Decker, took over. I recently re-assumed the Chair's duties, in the spirit of fair play.

The CS curriculum that we have developed has been recognized nationally for its innovations in content and pedagogy. In conjunction with my teaching, I have co-authored a number of text books with Rick. All of these texts have grown out of our classroom experiences with Hamilton students, and have been influenced profoundly by them (the experiences and the students). Check out Rick and Stu's Books for more info. Suffice to say, we're pretty proud of these accomplishments.

I am even more proud of (and equally involved with) my family, which includes my wife of ... well, many ... years, two sons and a daughter (all three Hamilton alums).

Fall 2007 Schedule

9-10CPSCI 110-02
Dept. MeetingCPSCI 110-02
ResearchCPSCI 110-02
10-11CPSCI 110-01
 CPSCI 110-01
ResearchCPSCI 110-01
12-1CPSCI 105-01
 CPSCI 105-01
ResearchCPSCI 105-01
1-2OFFICE Research 
2-3OFFICE Research 
4-6Faculty and Committee Meetings

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