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SSH on Windows

These are the steps to be taken on Windows Laptops in order to remotely connect to the GEMINI server.

Notes before starting:

  • substitute¬†username with your Hamilton username.
  • Type the command as shown. Do not expect output unless specified.
  • When typing your password in an SSH shell the cursor will not move. This is okay!
  • a BACKSLASH leans backwards. a FORWARD SLASH leans forward. Know the difference!

Open Windows Explorer

Press the WINDOWS key. Type Explorer. Open the program that is highlighted (either Windows Explorer or File Explorer).

The address bar is a text box near the top of the window where you can click and type.

Install three software packages

Open a Windows Explorer and browse to


Login using the following credentials:

Username: HAMILTON-S\username
Password: your hamilton password

Open the SOFTWARE FOLDER, then open the CS110 folder.

Copy the WINDOWS folder to your desktop.

Close the Windows Explorer window and open the recently copied WINDOWS folder on your desktop.

Install PuTTY

Package name: putty-0.67-installer.exe


NEXT (select destination location)

NEXT (select start menu folder)

NEXT (select additional tasks)

INSTALL (ready to install)


Install XMING

For x64 installations (most users): rel_x64_Xming-7-7-0-14-setup.exe

(( For 32bit installation: x86\rel_Xming-7-7-0-14-setup.exe ))

Double click the installer.


Select the I ACCEPT THE AGREEMENT radio button and then click NEXT.

NEXT (select destination location)

On the SELECT COMPONENTS screen — select the STANDARD PLINK — USE WITH ORIGINAL PUTTY radio button. Click NEXT.

NEXT (select start menu folder)

NEXT (select additional tools)

INSTALL (ready to install)


Install Xming Fonts

Package name: Xming-fonts-7-7-0-10-setup.exe

If it prompts you that there already exists an XMING folder, click YES to continue.


NEXT (select destination location)

NEXT (select components)

NEXT (select start menu folder)

INSTALL (ready to install)


Configure XLAUNCH

Press the WINDOWS key and type XLAUNCH. Open the XLAUNCH program that is highlighted.

The XLAUNCH program starts. To configure a GEMINI shortcut:

NEXT (select display settings)

Select the START A PROGRAM radio button. Click NEXT (select how to start Xming)

In the START PROGRAM textbox type:


Under the RUN REMOTE, select the USING PUTTY (PLINK.EXE) radio button.

CONNECT TO COMPUTER: gemini.cs.hamilton.edu
LOGIN AS USER: your Hamilton username
PASSWORD: your Hamilton password

NEXT (enter or choose one X client to run local or run remote)

NEXT (specify parameter settings)

SAVE CONFIGURATION (select the INCLUDE PUTTY PASSWORD if you do not want to type your password every time you log in).

Save the file to your DESKTOP location and name it GEMINI.XLAUNCH

FINISH (configuration complete)

An X-Window should now open displaying your username@gemini