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Installing VMWare on your personal PCs

  1. You will receive an email asking you to complete registration. Click “Click here to complete your registration”
    If you have not received this email, contact Dalton at jhumpf@hamilton.edu.

2. Fill out the registration information.

3. After registration, it will bring you to the page shown in the screenshot. If you have a Mac, you will click on “VMWare Fusion” and if you have Windows or Linux you will click on “VMWare Workstation Pro”

4. You will then select your options if there are any, then click “Add to Cart”

For Windows and Linux, select which you are using and click “Add to Cart”
For Mac, click “Add to Cart”

5. Then select “Checkout”

6. After that, you will be given a download button and a serial number. Copy this serial number down and keep it somewhere safe. You will need to finish the installation and may need it in the future. Then click download and install the application with all defaults.