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SSH on Mac

These are the steps to be taken on Mac Laptops in order to remotely connect to the GEMINI server.

Notes before starting:

  • substitute username with your Hamilton username.
  • Type the command as shown. Do not expect output unless specified.
  • When typing your password in an SSH shell the cursor will not move. This is okay!
  • a BACKSLASH leans backwards. a FORWARD SLASH leans forward. Know the difference!


Install the .dmg package found here: http://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/

You will need to log out and log back in to your laptop after completing the installation.

Configure SSH to forward X11 traffic

A secure shell is a network protocol that allows users to connect to a remote server supplying a valid username and password. In order to allow windowed X11 traffic to pass through this tunnel some changes must be made to your laptop through the terminal application.

To open a terminal, press COMMAND + SPACEBAR and type terminal.

Enter these commands in the terminal window:

mkdir .ssh
echo "ForwardX11 yes" > .ssh/config
echo "ForwardX11Trusted yes" >> .ssh/config

Create  a desktop shortcut to GEMINI

Now that SSH is configured you can create a desktop shortcut to open an SSH tunnel to GEMINI.

Enter these commands in the terminal window:

echo "ssh username@gemini.cs.hamilton.edu csinit" > Desktop/gemini.command
chmod a+x Desktop/gemini.command

Close the terminal by typing exit.

Test the connection

Double click on the gemini.command file on your desktop. The first time you run this it will prompt you to type YES or NO. Type yes.

It will then prompt you for your password. Enter your password.

NOTE: The cursor will not move. You will have to type your password every time you log in to GEMINI.