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Connecting from off-campus

To connect to GEMINI from off-campus the Hamilton College LITS Department makes Citrix available to students. Citrix is a client that allows current Hamilton College students to access applications that are hosted on-campus. Computer Science students will use Xming through Citrix to connect to the GEMINI server.

A few steps when connecting to Citrix:

— Connect to CITRIX 
— When logging in, use your current Hamilton College username/password. Change the Domain from hamilton.edu to students.hamilton.edu
— If this is your first time using Citrix, a page will appear that prompts you to download the client. Download and install the client.
— Launch XMING
— Login with your Hamilton-S student name
— Login with your Hamilton password
— A terminal window should now be displayed.

Current bug when connecting from a Mac OS X:

When launching Xming from a Mac OS X computer a key may repeat itself indefinitely in the Xming terminal window. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU click off of the Xming terminal window (change focus) and then click back on to the Xming terminal window. This should resolve the problem at this time.

Here are some helpful links from ITS:
Using Citrix
Registering and Logging into Citrix
Installing the Citrix Client
Launching Applications 

Email Dalton if you have any issues.